Sunvisors for Volvo FH/FM 4/5, FH16, Globetrotter + XL and FMX

Prepared for 2 pos.lights

Art. no: 2112

745 €

7 450 sek

We manufacture the sunvisor from fiberglass-reinforced plastic. Both outside and inside are smooth. Fiberglass is a superior material in terms of price, weight and quality. All attachments are the same as for the original sunvisor. This also applies to the attachment of the original upper part to our sunvisor, which makes installation very easy. Mirror extension for front mirror included.

The sunvisor does not interfere with the functions available via the camera which is located at the top of the windscreen.

The sunvisor is prepared with lamp housings for 2 position lights (position lights not included).

We recommend that you reuse Volvo’s insulation for sunvisors. If it is missing, you can order it from your Volvo dealer (article number: 23379723)

The sunvisor fits Volvo FH/FM 4/5, FH16, Globetrotter + XL and FMX.


  • Length: 226 cm
  • Height: 27 cm (lowest area) and 31.5 cm highest area.
  • Weight: 5.4 kg.