Wedge Large Standard

Art. no: 951

195 €

1 950 sek

Handcrafted in Sweden! - Fast Deliveries! - 100% Fit Guarantee!

With our multi-functional Wedges, the truck gets a much more stylish look also a more streamlined design. The Wedges fits perfectly to Scania NG, but also to most truck manufacturers' original mudwings as well as the wheelhouse radius of Parloc, Istoflex and Domar.

The Wedges are available in two sizes, Large and XL, and both models can be ordered with or without lights in several versions. The Wedge can easily be matched with the rest of your truck since it’s well suited for both paint and wrap. The Wedge is also easily modified if you want to make changes for lights other than we offer.

In this version the Wedge is delivered “clean” and with no cuts. Assembling kit with stainless steel screws, washers and nuts included.

Always fast delivery!